COZY inc. (the man, the myth, the legend)

the c o m p a n y

COZY is an American Rapper from Michigan. He was Born in Stillwater Oklahoma; May 24, 1990. His family moved to Michigan when he was 4 years old where he quickly fell in love with urban Detroit before the age of 5. from that moment on he always knew that he would grow to be a city boy as well as a Rapper and a Fashion Designer. Fastforward 30 years and here we are. He grew up in Northern Michigan where he is still seen walking the streets in Traverse City to this day. His debut intro EP is commonly referred to by industry professionals as a "first of it's kind" and he's most commonly compared to the greatest rappers of all time and referred to as "America's Most Under-Rated Rapper".

Cozy began writing music lyrics and writing his own songs at the young age of 12 when he was still in the late years of elementary school. he got caught up with life and school and work as people do but he never skips a day without writing some form of lyrical music content to be used in his records later.

COZY lived a very hard life in a lot of ways. He lost the love of his life to human trafficking when he was 25; Which caused him a lot of pain and suffering, distraction, and misjudgment from the judicial system. To this day he's not only a rising star of a Rapper and a Fashion Designer; he's also a standing and reputable force to be reckoned with; A bully to anyone partaking in street level trafficking of persons; And he's back with a vengeance and a story to tell. He's got a Can Do Attitude and Anybody can get it.!!! Just wait for the album.!!!